you are tasked to use PowerShell as your scripting language. Creat at least 9 slides to cover the following:

Question Description

Create a PowerPoint presentation
with following (Save
as w8_firstname_lastname.PPTX).We did not cover PowerShell in this
course; you are tasked to use PowerShell as your scripting language.Create at least 9 Slides
to cover the following:-1) The role of scripting in system
administration2)How to apply
security measures in scripting3)What is
PowerShell run in other platforms5)How to
Assign variables6)How to use
if-then7)How to use
loops8)How do I
apply security on PowerShell scripts9)How do I use
PowerShell Scripting in everyday tasks?Note: Please explain the above 9 requirements in
your own words. Go into detail on each slide so it is clear that the concepts
you are stating are explained and understood by you. For example, a list of
security protocols will not be sufficient for full credit without an
explanation of each plagiarism.

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