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– Trauma and Integration of Practice Length: 7 to 8 pages, not including title page. APA formatting. This assignment provides the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about
trauma and the implications for your practice. It prepares you to be able to offer psychoeducation to others about trauma and how it can affect people at different ages, in different
cultures and under different situations.NOTE-A minimum of 6 scholarly sources are required but
you can add additional resources to supplement the content. 1. Create a case scenario. Within a trauma-informed lens, describe the person who is
coming to you for assessment. Include their family system, their context, their
experiences with trauma, and anything else you think may be relevant. You can base
your case scenario on someone you know or have worked with (make sure that it is not
personally identifying in any way or too specific to that person), or you can take a
situation from a movie, a book, from or another source (please cite the source).
2) Discuss the process that you would use to assess this person’s history. Describe any
instruments you might use and why you might use them (staying within your scope of
3) Describe what you think might be the results of this assessment process. Tell me
about areas where the person, as well as those around the person, have
strengths/resilience, may need supports, what interventions you would suggest, and
what specific resources you might refer/connect people to. 4) Think about gaps in service or concerns that you might have with respect to traumainformed services that may be needed. Consider culture, age, social location, etc. 5) Integrate literature throughout the paperSOME LINKS TO THE VIDEOS HERE- Kindly create the own case scenariohttps://wpt4.org/trauma/

Ican provide more readings later as I can not attach anymore

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