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Please offer suggestions to at least two classmates as follow-up posts.Classmate # 1 John Discussion
I do not like Logarithmic expressions, I get confused with them for some reason. I understand the idea of them but I just stumble on how to solve them. Partly because of the negative exponents inverting the numbers and partly because I just don’t like them. It get stuck on these and I wish I could ask for help but I’m not really sure what is causing the issuing. As a result I get very frustrated with them. Does anyone have some good ideas on how to handle them?
Classmate # 2 DesireeCongratulations on making through the term – well almost ;). I don’t know about you, but this was a very trying term for me. Since math is not my strong suit, for all three math courses I need to take, I go part-time for that term so I can focus on my weakness. I can say that I definitely shedded a tear or two out of frustration and spent what felt like countless weekend hours at my computer doing math work.I think it is fair to say that when it comes to very simple graphing, I am okay; however when it becomes more complex, I struggle.Graphing a logarithmic function – this was definitely my enemy. I had finished EVERYTHING in Aleks and waited until almost the end to work on this one problem.Domain and range from the graph of a quadratic function – this gave me a lot of trouble as I didn’t know whether to use (] or [). Once I was given the explanation, I was still getting it wrong and then also realized I was reading the graph wrongDomain and range from the graph of a continuous function – this is another one where the filled in circle and unfilled circle gave me trouble and where I was reading the graph wrong.Anyone excel in this area and have some pointers before the final? Good luck to all on your final and future courses at SNHU!Please make sure both comments on the classmate discussion are no less than a paragragh

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