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Ghost Map1. (1 point)Write a one sentence summary of how John Snow used his crude form of data mining to conclude the Broad Street well was the source of cholera.
Type of data and management scales2.(8 points) Use the four data and management scales on the left to categorize the descriptions on the right. a.nominal ____customer service rating from 1 to 5 b.ordinal ____gender: male or female c.interval ____ today’s low temperature is 50F and today’s high is 75F d.ratio ____hair color such as black, brown, red ____he is 6 feet tall ____pain level from 1 to 10 ____ average age in the course is 24.3 ____ he ran the mile in exactly 4 minutesScatter diagram3. (1 point) Using one sentence, explain the correlation between the number of beach visitors and the average daily temperature.InstructionsYOUR ANSWERS MUST APPEAR WITHIN THE PROBLEM DOCUMENT.10% WILL BE DEDUCTED IF YOU CREATE A NEW OR SEPARATE DOCUMENT.10% WILL BE DEDUCTED IF YOU CREATE A “TITLE PAGE” TYPE OF DOCUMENT.Attached questions

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