Spanish – Writing Activity #2: “Los años mozos”

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Writing Activity #2: “Los años mozos” (The younger years). ObjectiveTo use the imperfect tense and vocabulary learned up to chapter 8.Instructions:In this assignment, you should talk about
your younger years. You can choose your childhood, adolescence, or a
mixture of these two. Be aware of the grammar, gender and number
agreements, capitalization, and accents for some of the tenses. Please
make to write 100 to 150 words and include the following:Describe at least 3 activities that you used to do as a child or, draw and roller skate

Mention at least 3 aspects of your school (name, location, students, teachers, classes, sports etc.)” Gulf Middle School, New Port Richey, Florida, I took honors courses, loved watching their football team play.

Describe a special friend (personality, physical characteristics, activities you did together)Childhood best friend Chloe, she is Chinese, we played soccer together.

Mention singers/actors/movies/music you used to like.I used to like the rapper Eminem, the actor Will Smith, the movie Hitch and rap/hip-hop music.

Describe your best (dearest) memory. Indicate what happened using preterit. Un día…
My best memory was when my grandparents, who live in Kentucky, came down to visit. We took them to the beach and I cooked with my grandma.

You must include:The imperfect tense.The preterit of regular and irregular verbs.Indirect objects and indirect object pronouns.Gustar and verbs like it.Word count.

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