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Sustainable Construction Management Choose one topic and write the essay.
The essay in one of the topic should not be any less than 5 pages, single line. Chose “Time-Romans” font no larger than 12. If you research a material on the subject you need to create a bibliography. Theme:The Construction Project Management is a multi task job that has performance, cost, scope and time requirements and that is done only one time!Given this description:Topic 1:What are the key reasons in projects management failures?Your essay will be helped greatly if you research the followings:Effect of poor planningOut of touch planningStatistics in regard to failures of management for constructionIs it good that the project manager also be involved in the actual construction?Appropriate logistical thinking and inventiveness; See the Avondale Shipyard Experiment during WWII. You can also research in Wikip: The Emergency Shipbuilding Program during WWII.Recommended methods and corrections for saving a management from failingCan you categorize the different failures and their levels such as management, workmanship of subs, governmental red tapes etc.Topic 2:What will you do when you accept a construction management job of another manager who quits his or her job in the middle of the project?Your essay will be helped if you touch upon the following items:What steps do you take to become informed about the project?What do you need to know in terms of your management budget which is part of the construction fee?How important is it that you to get to know all the project players?How important is it that you find out why the previous manager quit?If the company that has hired you did not provide you with enough reasons as to the details of why the previous manager quit, what will you do?What happens if you are not legally allowed to contact the previous manager due to impending legal actions?At what point do you say to yourself, I need to pick up the pieces and move this project forward regardless of all the facts that you might have or have not?What areas of weaknesses in both the construction team of subs and your construction team will you look for?Would you accept someone else’s opinion about another employee in face value?What will you look for to dismiss a team member from a project?What will you say or what steps will you be taking if in your first meeting with the client of the project you were hired to manage that he or she is extremely unhappy with the way the project has gone so far and the way your employer has moved the construction forward? The client might even tell you that he or she will be looking in to a taking legal action against your company and not necessarily you?Do you think a major shake up the entire team is a good idea?What happens if you can not in anyway work with the superintendent of the project? May be he or she was the main reason that the previous manager quit?How do you develop a cohesive policy that will keep the client happy as to the way you will conduct your work and yourself?

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