SC121 Spinal Cord Injury Case Study Discussion

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Spinal Cord Case Study Objectives Apply critical thinking skills to a clinical case study Research a case and determine what adaptations the patient may need Write a report regarding spinal cord injuries and adaptations needed due to these injuries Core Objectives – Critical thinking skills, Written Communication Instructions Your team will receive a case study of a patient with a spinal cord injury, including a completed ASIA (American Spinal Injury Association) Spinal Cord Injury form. Using the information in the form and the case study, your job is to: Determine the neurological level of the injury Determine what adaptive devices and equipment the patient may need for activities of daily living, including: Moving around (walking, wheelchair, etc.) Dressing and undressing Resources Information about Spinal Cord Injuries Apparelyzed Kirschblum SC, et al. International Standards for Neurological Level of Spinal Cord Injury. (Revised 2011) Retrieved from:… (Peer-reviewed journal) NOTE: This article CANNOT be used in your paper as a primary source. You will need to find another primary source to use. Information about Adaptive Equipment ASIA Durable Medical Equipment Guide AbleData (Search for a device or keyword, e.g. car) Allegro Medical Healthy Kin Independent Living Patterson Medical Wisdom King Adaptive Equipment Suppliers Hint: Click on the “Daily Living Aids” and “Mobility Aids” links.

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