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3-4 pages onlyA research essay is an original essay where the student poses a research question, gathers materials (designing interview questions, observing and taking notes, designing questionnaires, critical analysis of readings and sources) focuses the research, shapes the argument, and frames the materials in relation to the larger themes developed in the course. Recommended Length: 3-4 pages, double-spaced in 12pt font. APA Format. For further detail related to overall lay-out, review the following attachment.
Ideally, the beginnings of this final research strand will occur in the earlier essays. Instructors may wish to insist on a certain component of library research, and they may wish to specify exactly what that should entail (i.e., current journals, periodicals, newspaper accounts), but at least some component of the project should be drawn from theoretical concerns delineated in their reader, and at least some portion should include interviews or field notes of some kind.Some of the activities in this part of the semester should involve posing a research question, gathering materials (designing interview questions, observing and taking notes, designing questionnaires) focusing the study, shaping the argument, framing the materials in relation to the larger themes developed in the course.It is often helpful if the class can function with long-term writing groups for this part of the semester, so a group of three or four students might periodically check with one another about the progress of their research and receive feedback from a group familiar with their materials about how persuasive the presentation is, what pieces of information are needed to bolster the argument, what other kind of framing material might heighten the significance of the research. Recommended Length: 3-4 pages. APA Format.Purpose: To develop an argument on a specific topic and provide persuasive support for your thesis using strong reasons and clear evidence.Audience: An academic audience that includes the authors of the readings and other interested in the issue upon which you are focusing.Questions for Consideration and Topic Exploration: As your country’s leader, you are tasked with composing a policy paper, a country position briefing, that focuses on your country (that you choose and determined during class discussion) and reflects the point of view of your country. This paper will incorporate findings on your country’s background in which you include key demographics and trends on education, family, religion, deviance and social control norms (statistics related to justice), as well as development (human development, poverty and inequality). Then, you will provide your country’s perspective on the global challenge you selected that is based on the following theme: Overcoming the Global Food, Fuel and Water Crisis. The policy paper should involve the background of the issue, an analysis, and specific recommendations for action. In addition to providing your country’s recommendations for actions, you should highlight at least one way in which your country’s government, a governmental or non-governmental organization, or group of citizens has taken steps to overcome the issue. Incorporate the structural functionalist theory into your paper (you may seek to additionally mention critical/conflict theory or symbolic interactionism, if applicable).Sources for this analysis (10 total) should include the UN readings and website (UNDP and MDG sites), current articles gathered from newspaper and at least three (3) scholarly journal sources.

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