Public Information Piece on Institutional Discrimination Research

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For this assignment, you will imagine you are a consultant working
for a bipartisan think tank studying a major institution: the criminal
justice system, the health care system, the educational system, the
workplace, or the housing market.You will then create a public information piece that presents
research on institutional discrimination within your selected societal
institution.Your employer asks you to research and analyze the prevalence and
persistence of institutionalized discrimination based on race and
ethnicity. For this assignment, you will explore both the causes and
consequences of institutionalized discrimination, from the perspective
of the individuals it directly affects, the institution you have chosen,
and society as a whole.Prepare
Choose one major institution to use for this assignment:

Criminal justice system.
Health care system.
Educational system.
Housing market.

Research institutional discrimination in your chosen institution,
locating reliable, scholarly sources. Find suggested sources in the Research Activity for this assignment.
Choose one of the following public information pieces in the list
below. It is your job to create a public information piece that
highlights your findings regarding racial and ethnic inequities within
your chosen institution. You will need to support your conclusions with
credible data and scholarly research, rather than relying on opinion,
and demonstrate your ability to apply sociological thinking to your

Information booklet targeted to the general public.
Position paper or brief targeted at state or federal legislators.
Mock website or blog.
Public service announcement (a script for a radio or television program).
PowerPoint presentation targeted to a specific audience, with a description of the audience and detailed speaker’s notes.
A recorded speech to be given at a national meeting of
practitioners who work in the institution you are researching. If you
choose this option, include your speaker’s notes or script and
references in a Word document along with your audio file.

WriteCreate a final, professional-quality product in which you accomplish the following:
Create a public information piece that effectively conveys the
causes and consequences of the problem of institutional discrimination
in one of society’s major institutions, with support from data and
scholarly sources.
Describe factors contributing to racial and ethnic disparities within a specific institution.
Analyze data on the factors contributing racial and ethnic disparities in a specific institution.

Keep in mind that, to be accurate in your assessment, you will
need to look at raw data and percentages as well as to consider the data
in relation to each racial or ethnic group’s percentage within the
overall U.S. population.

Explain ways in which public policies are linked to racial and ethnic disparities within a specific institution.

Consider any historical or contemporary influences that may have contributed the disparities you have identified.
Example: If you are studying institutional discrimination in
the justice system, you would need to consider national policies such as
the War on Drugs, as well as law enforcement policies.

Assess the impact on minorities and minority communities caused by institutional discrimination within a specific institution.
Describe policy strategies for reducing institutional discrimination.

These can be community based, legislative (at the local, state, or federal level), or law enforcement strategies.
These strategies should focus on reducing institutional discrimination within the institution itself.

Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate APA format with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.
Additional Requirements
Written communication: Ensure written communication is clear, organized, and free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Length: Submit a completed public information
piece of at least 1,500 words. If you choose to write a speech, record a
10- to 15-minute speech.
Format: Cite your sources in current APA style
and format, including a reference list at the end of your document or
presentation, along with in-text citations of your sources.

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