MTH156 CSU Coefficient of Variation & the Standard Deviation Assignment

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the film we are gonna writing about is “ida”,those are questions:1. The film Ida has an open ending, meaning that the viewer cannot be sure what the protagonist will do next or how her story will end. Why do you think the director chose to end the film this way? In your opinion, what impact does the open ending have in your perception of the film?2. Why do you think the director chose to make this recently produced film in black & white and not in color? What impact does the black & white cinematography have on you as a viewer? How might the film be different if it here shot in color>3. Critics have said that Ida is a film about coping with tragedy and loss. How are Wanda’s (Ida’s aunt) and Ida’s ways of coping with tragedy and loss different? Why do you think the two female protagonists make the choices they do?

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