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In Microsoft Word, please keep a media log. You must write 5 entries total, detailing a particular news story. Please keep all media log entries on ‘ONE’ Microsoft Word Document. You will turn in the entire log as one Microsoft Word document towards the end of the semester. For example, if you read a newspaper, magazine, heard news on the radio, read news on the internet or watch news on TV, pick a different news story each time, in one of these mediums each time, and in at least 100 words, state the facts you understood from the news story, your opinion, the type of mass communication news (TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPER, or MAGAZINE or INTERNET NEWS), identify the source (CNN, The New York Times, or Time Magazine), the date of the information, and what you learned. You must view news in different formats – newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, or internet news. You will turn in your entire log only once, at the end of the semester, on the HOME PAGE, under ‘Media Link’ for grading on Blackboard. Your Media Log is worth 300 points. You will be graded based on all the criteria above, plus grammar, factual information and your opinion on the story as well as the writing of work turned in to the instructor.


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