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Over the years humans have relied on the rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans for subsistence fishing and harvesting of the abundance of the fish in their habitats
Advancement in fishing technologies is that it has brought more negative environmental consequences and overfishing being identified as a primary cause of the collapse of the ecosystem in many aquatic environments
The act of catching fish itself is not a bad practice, except when it uses vessels that catch fish faster than they can replenish in their habitats

Impacts of overfishing to the environment

Overfishing of some of the species of fish near to extinction is one of the chief consequences of overfishing to the environment
In the introduction of new fishing technologies in the 1960s, the technologies enabled fishers to have deep fishing for the cod and catch them more rapidly
The decline of cod has also been reported in the cost of Canada which experience a decrease of over 75% or over of the biomass
Overfishing has led to prey population explosions which hence caused a trophic cascade. The removal of the largest predators in the ocean and the sea is the leading cause of this phenomenon

Habitat destruction

Overfishing does not only remove a large number of fish from the ocean but also it has led to the destroying of aquatic habitats
Seafloor trawling decreases the biomass of fish underwaters and production of benthic species because it is a process that involves pulling of equipment in the seabed in the effort of catching bottom-dwelling fish
Application of blast fishing in tropical areas causes environmental destruction. Blast fishing is a method where fishers lights dynamite sticks and toss them into water

Destruction of the environment by derelict fishing gear

Derelict fishing gears can be destructive to the environment especially when they became lost or forgotten in the waters during fishing
Derelict mortality and ghost pots are also leading causes of adverse changes in the population demographics of the fish


The catching of non-target fish in the ocean has a far-reaching impact on the environment
The trawling nets and gillnets are also another type of fishing methods that lead to bycatch of fish in large amounts
The consequences of bycatch are always far-reaching because it makes the species of animals in the ocean to extinct slowly in many areas of the world


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