How has the office of the Presidency changed since the beginning of the 20th century and especially in the years after World War Two? Do you feel that this has been a positive or negative development, and why?

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For this assignment you will be auto assigned an anonymous peer to review a rough draft of your Artist Research Paper. Choose one artist from the text chapter 1-10. Research the background of your chosen artist and describe their training, inspirations, working methods, etc. This person will have critical reviews concerning their work. Cite these writings in your essay informally. Finally, choose two pieces from your chosen artist and write about them in detail. Discuss materials, concept, and process, as well as the elements of art and the principles of design found in their work.A satisfactory peer review will peer reviews will require you to (1) post your rough draft early and (2) post your review, in a timely fashion (in advance of the peer review due date). Reviews – ones that offer helpful advice and offering of suggestions, but may not go into as much depth in every instance; your comments will tend to be briefer, with some simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Limit the number of errors in punctuation, grammar, and mechanics, except when this may interfere with clarity. Use the grading rubric list for categorial organization for your reviews. S A M P L E P E E R R E V I E WIntroductionYour introduction definitely grabbed my attention! I liked how you used the specific detail of your… and the tone of your essay.Your thesis statement isn’t clearly stated in your introduction, but having read your essay, it seems that the point you are trying to make is that there is a contrast between what you thought you wanted when you were…Perhaps your thesis statement has something to do with…DescriptionYour words, etc.Format:INTRODUCTION DescriptionFormal/Critical Analysis InterpretationJudgment/EvaluationCONCLUSION

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