HCU Toyotas Reputation & Disney Markets Case Study Discussion

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Part 1- Discussion : How Many Times Can a Company Violate a Customer’s Trust?Toyota is trying to revive its quality reputation after widespread problems related to stuck accelerator pedals. Because the company was slow to issue recalls, it had to pay hefty fines. Although a report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration attributed driver error as the cause of many Toyota collisions, the company still made quality mistakes that resulted in recalls. Will buyers trust Toyota again?General Motors issued over 40 recalls in 2014 due to faulty ignition switches which could shut off the engine during driving and thereby prevent the airbags from inflating. These recalls involved nearly 28 million cars worldwide and over 24.6 million in the United States. The fault had been known to GM for at least a decade prior to the recall being declared. A statement by the GM CEO fell on deaf ears, especially when two more recalls occurred since. It will take a much more coordinated—and expensive—campaign to regain the American consumer’s trust. GM must address consumers directly. This will be a long-term process which will involve total honesty about the current situation of the recalls, a commitment to fix the problems and finally, the results of GM’s efforts and how it is a better company. GM should consider a more integrated approach, utilizing mobile and digital channels as well.Discussion: Can automakers regain the public’s trust after their speed out of control or have faulty ignition switches that prevent airbags from inflating?1. Must reflex personal opinion, 2 paragraphs, citation. apa formatPart 2- Case 1 : Read and follow attached case and guide when completing this assignmentComplete case number 7.2: DISNEY Markets to the Young and the Young at HeartFor this case , you are to follow the case analysis guide to complete your case assignment by Doing the following: .
Provide a case Summary
Answer the case Questions
Conduct a case analysis as outlined in the case analysis guide.
Case Questions 1. Which psychological influences on the buying decision process does Disney address with its marketing efforts?2. Which social influences on the buying decision process do Disney marketing activities take into account? 3.Which situational influences on the buying decision process are particularly important to Disney’s marketing efforts?
APA format; in text citation; reference page; double spaced; times new roman; completely original work.

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