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I just need a 150 words reply post for this original post.1) I strongly disagree that granting US citizenships should be dependent on our parents’ immigration statuses. In my opinion, it would be absurd if we all had the citizenship of the country of origin of our ancestors. For example, where is the logic in myself not being able to be a US citizen solely on the fact that my great grandfather was born in Vietnam? I believe that US citizenship should be based on whether or not one is born on US soil. In actuality, most of the US are immigrants. Our ancestors came from other continents long ago when we took this land from Native Americans. If citizenship is based on ancestry, the line between being a US citizen and immigrant would be blurred.2) During the turn of the century in 2001, 9/11 has instilled fear into Americans that border security is no longer a labor-enforcement issue but a national security issue (p. 826). Hundreds of miles of fencing and thousands of guards patrol the Mexican border daily to stop illegal immigration. I have never realized that the media, politics, and policies focuses on securing the Mexican border and does not emphasize the Canadian border. We import many goods from Mexico, such as avocados, corn, wheat, and coffee, but why do we feel the need to keep these people on the other side? I believe it has a lot to do with politics. Canada is a stable democracy, while Mexico was a single party dictatorship for many decades. We fear that the Mexican government is unstable and unpredictable. Referring back to the idea of fear, the media has made Americans feel unsafe against welcoming immigrants after 9/11. The Trump administration appeals to Americans’ sense of fear to garner more votes.

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