Georgia Tech Football Sports and the New Technology Research Paper

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Speculative Future Research Paper Project Description (4+ pages)TOPIC
HOW THE ADVANCEMENT IN SPORTS MEDICINE, TECHNOLOGY, AND THE RULES HAS HELPED PROTECT THE PLAYERS IN THE SPORT OF FOOTBALL? The first project will be a research paper on what speculative future the author thinks a specific topic will progress from the given data and cultural material gathered on a topic of his/her choosing. Students should choose a topic they feel can sustain their interest and focus across the length of the course, and after initial informal searching, students should begin to compile a meaningful bibliography on the topic. While every topic will require and yield different amounts of information, students should expect to read about 10 sources on the topic and meaningfully cite at least 4 of those sources in their essay.**I NEED AT LEAST 7** The essay’s argument should take the form of speculation. Each student should be making their best educated guess about how and why the topic will evolve down a particular path. This progress should matter. In other words, saying that there are a lot of cars but will be more cars does not make clear why the increase in cars matters. Students should feel more than welcome to engage with the conversations we have been having in class. Gender, history, science, technology, ethics, simulation, labor, etc. are all possible avenues to articulating why and how the progression of your chosen topic matters. IN THE CONCLUSION YOU CAN RELATE ALL SPORTS Format Beyond the length of the essay and the need to incorporate credible research sources, the format of the essay is largely dependent upon each student. If there is no citation preference, students may use MLA citation:

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