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GGS 101 Exercise 3 (4 points) Question 1 (1 point) For this question, please use Google Earth/Maps. Go to the center of the city and collect its latitude and its longitude: only rewrite the number matching the degree, disregard the minutes, the seconds and the decimals. Example: Washington D.C. 38 N and 77 W Country Name Capital Latitude Longitude Argentina Buenos Aires 35 South 58 West Suriname Kenya Haiti Belize Senegal Botswana Question 2 (1pt) For this question, answer the following questions. ________ is located in South America and has an official language of Dutch . _________ & _________ are landlocked countries in South America. The largest lake in Central America is called Lake _____________. If you are flying over 0?N/S and 78?W, you are flying over the country of _____. If you are flying over 10.41?N and 61.24?W, you are flying over the country of _____. The country with the most territories/colonies in the Caribbean is the country of ______. Question 3 (2 points) Read the following directions carefully: Open on a desktop computerClick the directionsFor starting point choose Addis Ababa, EthiopiaFor the Destination choose Cape Town, South Africa. Part 1 (1 point) Take a screenshot of the trip and paste it below. How many kilometers total is the trip? Name all the countries you pass through Disregarding South Africa’s capital (it technically does not have an official capital), which capital of the countries you passed through is the most populous? If it is 5pm in Ethiopia, what time is it in South Africa? Part 2 (1 point) Choose one of the countries you pass through and answer the following questions: Who did it gain independence from? What is their primary or official language? What is the current population? What countries does it border? Go to and choose a one-way flight from Dulles to the capital of the country. Paste the itinerary below. Example: Dulles to Dakar, Senegal

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