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Please carefully read and complete the following comprehension questions regarding the first two parts of Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow”:Part 1 questions:1) In a table, list at least eight differences between System 1 and System 2 cognition. 2) What are priming effects? Provide at least three examples. 3) What is the phenomenon of ego depletion and how does it relate to making good decisions? 4) Explain what WYSIATI is and provide at least three examples of cognitive biases that result from it. Part 2 questions: 5) What is the law of small numbers? 6) What are anchoring effects and how can psychologists experimentally prove that they exist? 7) How can the availability heuristic be used to mislead public opinion? How might the availability heuristic be used to improve society? Answer each question with an example from the text and an example of your own.8) What does Kahneman think of the use of stereotypes when making decisions? 9) Explain at least three ways in which the phenomenon of regression is misunderstood. 10) What would Kahneman say about the value of learning about cognitive biases? Will knowledge of cognitive biases make us less susceptible to errors in reasoning?
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