ENC1102 South Florida Machine Learning in Virtual Assistants Using Smartphones Proposal

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I have uploaded the requirements of the assignment and how it should be written. It shouldn’t be copied from any resource. I need a paper proposal of around 400 words, including tentative thesis. Make sure that it is formatted according to APA style and includes a cover page.Make sure to include the following mandatory information, which you can incorporate into a focused paragraph or create a bulleted list (use full sentences, though):Your name.Your topic.Your major.Any direct or potential relevance your topic has to your major.Any direct or potential relevance your topic has to your personal life.Any direct or potential relevance of your topic to your future — either personal or professional.The audience for the paper (pull this from the assignment) and a statement about why you think that particular group may find a paper on your topic interesting, useful in some way, relevant to their lives, or anything along those lines.Fifteen questions the above audience may have about your topic that you could answer throughout your paper.The focusing or controlling question that, when answered, could be a potential thesis for your paper. (This can be one of your fifteen, or another entirely. Make sure that you clearly identify which is your controlling question.)Any prior beliefs, assumptions, preconceptions, ideas, or prejudices you bring to your research on this topic.The bottom line: a creative statement about your topic and your rough plans for this paper.

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