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Hello Class,I chose to discuss realism since it was birthed on the heels of the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution time periods and we now have a better understanding of all the change that was brought about during that time. Realist also rejected and revolted against Romanticism period which dominated French literature and art since the early 19th century. Realism emerged from France in the 1840’s and is generally considered the beginning of modern art. Literally, this is due to its belief that everyday life and the modern world were suitable subjects for art. Philosophically, Realism embraced the enlightened aims of modernism, seeking new truths through the reexamination and overturning of traditional systems of values and beliefs. Realism based itself with how life was structured socially, economically, politically, and culturally in the mid-19th century. This led to sometimes harsh and unsightly portrayals of life’s unpleasant moments and the use of dark, earthy palettes that challenged high art’s ultimate ideals of beauty. (“Realism movement”). Realism as art movement was led by French painter Gustave Courbet in France. Interesting enough Courbet’s realism art movement led directly to Impressionism.One of Courbet’s well known masterpieces is The Desperate Man; it is a self-portrait and one of his earliest works. Courbet’s style of realistic art and depiction of truth evokes raw emotion and is telling of his frustration of conventionality. His self-portrait does not use typical posingor impressive colors. Courbet demonstrates intensity with his clenched fists grasping hair, raised arms and most of all a seemingly sense of “madness” in his eyes.
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