Controversies in the USA Patriot Act Paper

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The goal of this assignment:To further the process of urging you to look more carefully and thoughtfully at the physical environment.To find and experiment with a language and graphic to express what you have observed.To do the work of searching for unique qualities and a specific focus (rather than general observations) and to express these.In Imagining Home we described a specific place. Now we are going to extend this in a journey from one place to another. The idea is to emulate an experience of being in a city. Your focus may vary from an immediate detail to an observation of a larger context and perhaps back to a detail. (You do not need to suppose you are in a city for this assignment).Imagine a journey that begins in a specific place, travels some distance and ends in another place. As described in class this can be anything; real or imagined, human, insect, animal or object. It may be day or night, indoors or out, enclosed or open and any form of locomotion you can imagine, although focus on movement need not be part of this; your choice.PART 1. You are proposing to make a film of a journey and you are going to begin (this assignment) by making a storyboard. Your storyboard will consist of 4 sketches (annotated photos if you are more comfortable, though I urge you to attempt a sketch, even if just a diagram) on an 8-1/2” x 11” sheet capturing key moments along the journey.PART 2. Under each of the 4 sketches or on a separate sheet you are to provide instructions to your cinematographer. (oversees aesthetic intent and technology such as lighting and sound.)Explain the intent of each sketch; the focus, the content, the purpose.Camera angle and focus; close-up, distant, static or moving, from above or below and so on.Sound; music, mood or sounds that emanate from the place.

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