Columbia Southern Relationship Between Displacement Velocity Experiment

Question Description

Instructions Conceptual Experiment Purpose: To visualize the relationship between displacement, velocity, and time through graphical analysis. A fundamental job of physics is to describe the motion of an object. In order to do this, you need basic elements such as displacement, velocity, and time to depict it. In this activity, you will investigate how constant-paced linear motion is depicted and how you can calculate the velocity. First, practice using the worksheet with the sample problem below. Click here to access the Unit I Assignment worksheet for this unit. For the example problem, let us use a simple case. Let us assume that you are walking from your house at a constant pace for 100 seconds to get to the 100 meter-mark, and you come back to your house at the same pace. Please click on the following link for a video with detailed instructions on how to plot the relation between time and distance and how to obtain the velocity. Lee, N. (2016, March 1). Instruction for conceptual experiment A [Video file]. Retrieved from To view a transcript of this video, click here. You can also click here to review the PowerPoint presentation for further instructions on graphing the data, but it is not required to view this resource. To view a pdf version of this presentation, click here. After practicing with the sample problem, read the instructions and problem on the worksheet and complete it using the given data. In the worksheet, complete the graph, fill in the table, and answer the questions. Submit the completed worksheet for grading.

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