BUS518 Excelsior Communication Strategies in Teams and Work Groups Paper

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Prepare for your paper by viewing the video, Transforming SILOs: Cutting Edge Communications Comedy Series (Links to an external site.) [Video File, 7:33 mins] and then respond to the following about the work group in the video:Differentiate between the high and the low participants.Determine their similarities and differences and the effect on the work group.Examine other roles:Distinguish between the silent members and how their silence is interpreted and the effects of that behavior on the team.Determine who talks to whom and explain the reasoning for the effects of that behavior on the team.Focus on the member who keeps the ball rolling. Explain why this person is attributed to that role and the effects of that behavior on the team.Examine any shifts in participation and determine what attributed to those shifts.Examine the advantages of this work group working as a team instead of a work group.As a leader, determine what you would do to lead the team.Your paper should be at least two pages (not including title and reference pages), double spaced, and in APA format. Reference a minimum of two scholarly sources and cite in your paper according to APA 6 standards.

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