BEM3701 Columbia Southern Methylene Chloride Hazardous Substance Case Study

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Hazard Waste Management Case Study Instructions Methylene Chloride Hazardous Substance Scenario Most companies use the procurement function to order raw materials for manufacturing processes. They focus on product specifications, pricing, and timing of delivery. After the raw material serves its function, excess material will often be declared a hazardous waste. In some cases, there are transport issues, and chemicals purchased as a raw material end up being spilled and immediately being declared a hazardous waste. This assignment will give you practice in evaluating the toxic properties of hazardous substances spilt in a transport spill scenario. Using the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ASTDR) website,…., answer the following questions related to a spill scenario. A railcar of hazardous wastes containing methylene chloride (CAS # 75-09-2) is leaking near a residential neighborhood. As the subject matter expert, what are the key toxicological and health concerns associated with the chemical that has spilled onto the ground? What properties of methylene chloride would you use to determine if the local residential area should be evacuated? What personal protective equipment should emergency responders wear when coming into contact with the waste? What health concerns are identified on the Medical Management Guidelines for methylene chloride? In the unit lesson, there are many other websites that can also be used in evaluating the scenario. Your case study should be a minimum of two pages not counting your reference page. Use at least the ASTDR website and one other website from the unit lesson besides your textbook for researching this case study. Please ensure that all outside sources, including your textbook, are cited and referenced using correct APA-style formatting.

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