Average Drinking Age in Ohio University Statistical Reasoning Questions

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From chapters 1 & 2- Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral SciencesThe questions are structured so that a single letter, word, or number will suffice. Computational
questions are arranged so that partial credit can be given for each step answered correctly.
Always use the following model to submit your answers to the questions.
Your name:
Module Number:
Q1 C
Q2 B
Q3 A, etc.
If the question requires computation, do the calculations and then give the correct
values as follows:
(Always hold all decimal values through your computations, and round final
answers to at least two decimal places)!
Q4 7
Q5 4
Q6 22, etc.
If the question is a fill in the blank, just put in the appropriate word(s) as follows:
Q7 statistics
Q8 dependent variable, etc.
(There are 20 questions to be answered for Module 1)
Q1: The goal(s) of statistical procedures are to
A. predict or infer what might happen in the future
B. describe what has happened
C. both A and B are correct
D. none of the above
Q2: Parameter is to population as _________ is to sample
A. descriptive
B. inferential
C. margin of error
D. statistic
Q3: The concept of generalizing from a few observations to an entire group is central to the
area of A. descriptive statistics
B. inferential statistics
Q4: Statistical questions tend to fall into what two main categories?
A. samples or populations
B. relationships or differences
C. relationships or categories
D. differences or categories
E. none of the above
Q5: An example of descriptive statistics would be
A. based on previous data, prediction of the expected number of fans who will
show up to a Tuesday night professional baseball game
B. calculating the number of people who actually showed up to a professional
baseball game
For the following 4 questions (Q6 to Q9) identify the scale of measurement.
Use the following system:
A. nominal
B. ordinal
C. interval
D. ratio
Q6: Students voting for their preferred professors by ranking them
Q7: The Fahrenheit temperature scale
Q8: The amount of time it takes you to shower
Q9: Gender
For the following 2 questions (Q10 to Q11) identify the following variables as either
measurement or categorical.
Use the following system:
A. measurement
B. categorical
Q10: The number of points earned on a statistics exam
Q11: Academic letter grade (i.e. A, A-, B+, B, and so forth)
For the following 2 questions (Q12 to Q13) identify the following variables as either
discrete or continuous.
Use the following system:
A. continuous
B. discrete
Q12: The time elapsed since last Christmas
Q13: The number of cats you own
The following 4 questions (Q14 to Q17) are based on the following situation:
A biologist was investigating the number of eggs laid by snakes. She believes there is a
difference between Rattlesnakes and King Cobras.
Q14: What is the independent variable? __________
Q15: What is the dependent variable? __________
Q16: Is the dependent variable discrete or continuous? __________
Q17: What is the scale of measurement of the dependent variable? __________
Q18: A researcher was investigating whether gender, age of the student, and GPA of the
student had a bearing on how much alcohol the average Ohio University student would drink on
a typical weekend. How many dependent variables are involved with this research?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
The following 2 questions (Q19 to Q20) are based on the following situation:
A quality control supervisor measures the quality of steel ingot on a scale from 0 to 10.
He designs an experiment in which three different temperatures and five different pressures are
utilized, with 20 ingots produced at each Temperature-Pressure combination.
Q19: What is/are the independent variable(s)?
A. quality of steel
B. temperature
C. pressure
D. two of the above are correct
Q20: What is/are the dependent variable(s)?
A. quality of steel
B. temperature
C. pressure
D. two of the above are correct

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