Accomplishments of The Civil Rights and American Revolution Discussion

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***NO PLAGIARISM***700 wordsMLA format***NO PLAGIARISM***Utilize at least one of the linked sources provided in this assignment to support your discussion.Identify and incorporate at least one additional outside source to support your discussion.Review the…Review the PBS Program…CNN special on…***NO PLAGIARISM****In some ways, the Civil War completed the American Revolution. The ideals boldly proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, that “all men are created equal”, were now being somewhat realized. The reality was that at the end of Reconstruction the United States was still, in fact, an “unfinished nation,” and that it will be the Civil Rights era and its accomplishments that completed the revolution.?***NO PLAGIARISM****?Write a well-organized essay, a minimum of 700 words (but not limited to), including supporting details from the documents/textbook/other sources in which you analyze and discuss the material that has been assigned by addressing the following question:Discuss in what ways the United States was an “unfinished nation,” and how the accomplishments of the Civil Rights era completed the process. In your opinion, is the United States currently a “finished nation” or is there still “unfinished business” that needs to be addressed?***NO PLAGIARISM****?

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